Jun 30, 2013

DAY : 300613

warm sunday ahead...
doing laundry,
bought new shoes for running,
cute wooden clog sitting on my table &
carrot plush for beloved sister,

Jun 28, 2013

I don't understand.

This what happened to me yesterday.

SERIOUSLY!! i was repeating the same thing 4 times yet she cnt get it.
There is not much people lining up also.
Next time maybe i should probably check before i leave the shop.


Jun 25, 2013

My First.......

Its finally here!!!!!!
This will be my very first comic blog and i very hope you guys enjoy it.
Let me introduce you to....

Did you guys like it?
I hope you enjoy it.

Jun 20, 2013

BZBZ : Cats & Dogs

Its been a BUSY week.
It's not a bad thing because I am working on my own COMICS!!
As i say earlier im not good in these things but i am willingly to try new things of course..so i am gonna give it a try after many people give me encouragement.. 
SO... please be patience..I will still blog about my artwork but not as frequent.
But when the time is ready, I am ready to reveal.
oh! almost forgot.. this is what im drawing currently...something cute..hahahah
not 100% done... i will post it up when its done.

Jun 17, 2013


So that day I posted my new illustration 

After that Ms.Bulat twitted me and demand me for the half of my brain and she twitted me this..
I am actually envy her for her ability to draw cartoon human so nicely...seriously I cant even draw a cartoon human perfectly, mainly because of the proportion? maybe I should swap my brain with her so she can have a bit of my thinking and I can have bit of her drawing skills.
Hopefully one day I can meet her in person..talk about cakes, travelling, or anything...
do check her blog out!

Jun 16, 2013

Dad, I Love You.

The one he's wearing everyday,
The places he love visitting,
The seat, he sits everyday,
and the plant he took care everyday.
Happy fathers day... 
love you sooo much.. :)

Jun 13, 2013

110 film

Are you interested in lomography?
I am interested, but the interest fades away when i cant find any shop that can develop my film.
It started 3 years ago when my friends bought me a Diana+ camera for my birthday.I was so happy at that time and cant wait to use it.My friend generous enough to bought me a pack of B&W film for me ( I love you so much Xiao Merrrrr!!!) . I look at the pack of film and i thought it will be as the same as the normal film that we use when we are small, a 35mm film, but it was not i expected. I look at the word"110mm film"
thinking hmmmmm.... 110??? whats that!???.. then of course i'm very pandai, pergi google search laaa.
I use all 2 rolls when i went to a trip in kuching and when im back to KL, i start searching for shops that develop 110mm film.
and then i dunno what happen (fast forward)... i ended up abandon the film in a corner for 3 years ..nolaa actually i'm lazy....and FINALLY!!!!!!! there is a shop nearby my working place(still kena jalan 20 mins) can develop for me.
I was happy and sad at the same time...happy when i finally get to see what i took 3 years ago. sadding part is... develop a roll is about rm18 per roll.2 rolls mean rm36... plus scanning.. rm20x2...total i need to pay is rm76 for 2 rolls.
I remember i kept asking the shop girl what if my film turn blank?? need to pay also??? u sure no blank?? sure need to pay? LOL..i'm so sked because a few of my friend play with lomo>develop>all blank photo>kena abandon>never heard of it again....LOL
soooo...she ask me to come pick up after 3 days.
so after 3 days... i run to the shop....run back to office and open the envelope.. this is what a 110mm film look like after develop.
hmmmm.the film dosent have the hole like those you see normally in 35mm film and the size is quite huge (duhh thats why u called a 110mm instead of 35mm *smack myself*).
Cant see much though..I even took up and use the light like those is the drama or tv series about murder..then develop victim photo using dark room then police found a room full of victim photo hanging..okok back to film...or maybe you need those super light to see laaa.
Then, I started to feel panic again thinking "why kosong one!!? why no pic one? blank??"
after I open the CD.., i was satisfied. 23 picture were developed. some too dark until i don't know what the hell i'm taking. LOL. but it's okay.. at least only 1 blank picture..ahahahah.
So this is some of the picture i feel satisfied with.
 Left: some street?? lol   Right: i think its a pic of me... but well i turn black. hahah
Left:my sister..kinda love this pic though.    Right :kuching famous cat statue!!!! first first i din know what is that..but then after a while...ahhh okay..
Fav is this : photo of my mum dunno looking at apa.LOL
Its interesting enough to make me play with it again.. i think i might just use back 110mm film instead of 35mm(u can buy a converter to put at the back and use it with normal 35mm film)
because i really love the square shape..i dont know but those pic  really look mysterious and it has that weird feeling looking at it. it doesn't feel the same if u look at the picture took by a digital camera..When i look at this photo.. i looked more than 30 seconds. LOL..
I notice there is some acid spots...but i think because i kept the film too long and it became sticky...hahah the guy who develop my film must be thinking "walaooo how long jor this fella keep this film!" ... i still have 1 roll to go.. i'm still planning what i wanna take with the last roll.haha
anyway this is the info about the shop I went to: 
E-six pudu plaza

Lot LE 14/15/17, LG Pudu Plaza, Jalan Landak Off Pudu, 55100 , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Email: esix@esix.com.my
Website: http://www.esix.com.my/
Phone: 603-2141 4088

Does 35mm film development
Does 110 film development
Does 120 (medium format) film development
Does E6 film development
Does C41 film development
Does black and white film development
Does X-Pro film development
Fotosun SS2/SS3 (Petaling Jaya), Foto Mega (Wangsa Maju) and Color Dot Com (Damansara Uptown)


Jun 8, 2013

"fly bird house, fly"

hahahaha i kmow its abit weird but its okay,
thats how my brain works. lol
ive been using my ipad mini to blog. love the screen so far..
and im bringging to work everyday since its not that heavy and i can start blogging
everyday... nice...
and usually when iget any gadget, i will start DIY. soooooo.. this is how my mini look
and dont forget about the duck tooo. (kawan aku told me its a monkey ipad.because manyak monkey sticker..lol)


Jun 6, 2013

DOODLE : ??????

I really dont know what am i thinking when i draw this out.

Jun 4, 2013

Nuffnang - First Time :)

Just come back from Nuffnang office to redeem my prize.
I would like to say thank you!!!! You guys give me a warm welcome exp Anne (thank you!! i was suprise you remember my name)  and a guy ( sorry i din ask about his name) suddenly shout CONGRATS! 
(my heart jump abit since i din notice him in the corner)
 lol..hahah sorry laaaa super nervous maaa..since first time.
To be honest non of my family know about this company until when i told them i won.
all their response was:
"har sure can get ah?"
"You wont sked kena cheat meh?"
"sure anot? later they cheat you"
But i insist on explaining to them about Nuffnang. But they still give me a 50 50 look.
Today i prove to them Nuffnang is not the company they thought it was.
I even told them i was thinking to send my resume to Nuffnang...hahah but it seem like they hire web developer or web designer mostly. End up I did not send my resume because I never touch web design before, or they probably never gonna hire me. but its okay....
Cant believe technology is taking the world. Web design is not as popular back in 2005.

I remember back then when i was studying, we do it manually, sometimes..oh yes we use laptop too (32gb HDD, window XP(very geng already!!!!),say its the thinnest LAPTOP EVER PRODUCE!!!! 1.5 inch thick and i hand spray the cover myself, IN RED. LOL. and it cost 3k that time. (I am so grateful! Love you DAD!!!!)
I remember once our lecturer give us a test about "what if the the place that you work suddenly have no electricity? but you need to finish by today?"
we hand painted the poster, and I spoil around 3 pieces of them because i need to get it perfectly (because a lot of competitive)..painting font by font..its tiring...but its worth it.
My lecturer use to be art director, very good in hand sketching..i mean like SUPER GOOD!!! even im lost!!! he can draw a whole potrait in like 5 mins without using rubber (one of our test too..no rubber?? siao!!!).
Sadly he work as a promoter in some shopping mall because he say he is too tired and need a peaceful, simple job. Wonder where is he now....

last year i went back to a shop who sell a lot of designer marker(not in KL) (i went back that shop because they sell cheaper than the other shops) So this was the conversation between me and the uncle.

me: uncle...you still got sell those marker? designer marker?
uncle : wahhh you still use this ahhh..nowadays rarely ppl use already lorrrr.
me: yeameh? i thought a lot of student still use now wor?
uncle: no looorrrr... sigh...those i encounter one only print their fren's artwork and put their name on it for the sake of better marks.
me: really? (disappointed face)
I still remember uncle's disappointed expression. And all the marker its in the corner of nowhere inside a big box,full of dust.He give me a very big discount because he say no one is gonna buy anyway.
Some of my fren ask me to give opinion to their relative about "designer ok anot".
mostly their question is about:
"got future anot?"
"salary high anot?"
"expensive anot?"
sometimes, i really don't know how to reply them...