Nov 30, 2012

Some New character i'm working on.
of course its related to DREAMS..
Hopefully soon...sooon...


Nov 26, 2012

Announcement :(

Dear readers,

Ok, I had enough.. I have a lot of drawing to post but due to my CRAPPY camera I cnt take it any more. I will update until
I get a better camera. Its not gonna take long, 
hopefully, around early next month.

So, at the mean time, I will post some of my old photography or maybe some digital graphic art  I starting to do.


Nov 21, 2012

Nov 18, 2012

Unfinished Dream

Dream : Pancake & Cepre


Implies that something has a flat quality.
This will refer to a personal
element in one's life,usually related
to self-expression.


Pertains to fragile beginnings.

Nov 17, 2012

Dream : Potato


Symbolize an essential or
basic element in One's life;
A basic nourishment.

Nov 15, 2012