Jun 4, 2013

Nuffnang - First Time :)

Just come back from Nuffnang office to redeem my prize.
I would like to say thank you!!!! You guys give me a warm welcome exp Anne (thank you!! i was suprise you remember my name)  and a guy ( sorry i din ask about his name) suddenly shout CONGRATS! 
(my heart jump abit since i din notice him in the corner)
 lol..hahah sorry laaaa super nervous maaa..since first time.
To be honest non of my family know about this company until when i told them i won.
all their response was:
"har sure can get ah?"
"You wont sked kena cheat meh?"
"sure anot? later they cheat you"
But i insist on explaining to them about Nuffnang. But they still give me a 50 50 look.
Today i prove to them Nuffnang is not the company they thought it was.
I even told them i was thinking to send my resume to Nuffnang...hahah but it seem like they hire web developer or web designer mostly. End up I did not send my resume because I never touch web design before, or they probably never gonna hire me. but its okay....
Cant believe technology is taking the world. Web design is not as popular back in 2005.

I remember back then when i was studying, we do it manually, sometimes..oh yes we use laptop too (32gb HDD, window XP(very geng already!!!!),say its the thinnest LAPTOP EVER PRODUCE!!!! 1.5 inch thick and i hand spray the cover myself, IN RED. LOL. and it cost 3k that time. (I am so grateful! Love you DAD!!!!)
I remember once our lecturer give us a test about "what if the the place that you work suddenly have no electricity? but you need to finish by today?"
we hand painted the poster, and I spoil around 3 pieces of them because i need to get it perfectly (because a lot of competitive)..painting font by font..its tiring...but its worth it.
My lecturer use to be art director, very good in hand sketching..i mean like SUPER GOOD!!! even im lost!!! he can draw a whole potrait in like 5 mins without using rubber (one of our test too..no rubber?? siao!!!).
Sadly he work as a promoter in some shopping mall because he say he is too tired and need a peaceful, simple job. Wonder where is he now....

last year i went back to a shop who sell a lot of designer marker(not in KL) (i went back that shop because they sell cheaper than the other shops) So this was the conversation between me and the uncle.

me: uncle...you still got sell those marker? designer marker?
uncle : wahhh you still use this ahhh..nowadays rarely ppl use already lorrrr.
me: yeameh? i thought a lot of student still use now wor?
uncle: no looorrrr... sigh...those i encounter one only print their fren's artwork and put their name on it for the sake of better marks.
me: really? (disappointed face)
I still remember uncle's disappointed expression. And all the marker its in the corner of nowhere inside a big box,full of dust.He give me a very big discount because he say no one is gonna buy anyway.
Some of my fren ask me to give opinion to their relative about "designer ok anot".
mostly their question is about:
"got future anot?"
"salary high anot?"
"expensive anot?"
sometimes, i really don't know how to reply them...


ms.bulat said...

Pls tell me the shop! i wanna buy markers too :):)
Congrats on winning!! My parents would most prolly give me a 5050 face look too haha~ i guess everyone is talking bout money nowadays?

Ku-ru / KynkiGoh said...

yea and thank you :). lol the shop is in ipoh. i think they totally dump the marker dy cause when the time i wanna buy mostly of the marker ink is dry out. it was like 2 years ago i think.
yea nowadays ppl is all about money..oh well.

caryn wong said...

ha.. congrats again~~

try on the resume to them..