Jun 25, 2013

My First.......

Its finally here!!!!!!
This will be my very first comic blog and i very hope you guys enjoy it.
Let me introduce you to....

Did you guys like it?
I hope you enjoy it.


ms.bulat said...

Hahahah! very nice!!~ when i was in college also a lot of ppl like to lie on my shoulder. i dont know why. bigger pls! the image :)

Kim Hang Lim said...

Hi Pollow. Nice to have you here with comic bloggers :)

Ku-ru / KynkiGoh said...

ms bulat:... bigger image??? roger!

hi kim..hahahah yea first attempt..will keep trying!!!! XD

Eric Lee Huangshi said...

LOL siap ada line lining up. haha

Nicely done. and yea..like bulat said..bigger image. easier to read.

caryn wong said...

nice... i want to a trial on your shoulder/ lap.. hahahh~~

Ku-ru / KynkiGoh said...

okay..image bigger already...pheww..thats hard to adjust..*swt*

Ketchup Samurai said...

I also want to try your 'pillow'.. lol!

Kares said...

:D Super LIKE!! :D :D please , I want to read more!!

Carrot Cake @ Eme's housemate

placidian said...

PILLOW, HELLO! so cute, Kuru :D