Jun 17, 2013


So that day I posted my new illustration 

After that Ms.Bulat twitted me and demand me for the half of my brain and she twitted me this..
I am actually envy her for her ability to draw cartoon human so nicely...seriously I cant even draw a cartoon human perfectly, mainly because of the proportion? maybe I should swap my brain with her so she can have a bit of my thinking and I can have bit of her drawing skills.
Hopefully one day I can meet her in person..talk about cakes, travelling, or anything...
do check her blog out!

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ms.bulat said...

Hahaha my cartoon also out of proportion ! I really envy your skills to draw such abstract and detailed illustration, it's like a whole diff level all together. It's amazing *shiny eyes* keke ! If got chance lets meet! With ras too! Don't worry! We don't have to eat sweets hahaha!! :D