Feb 27, 2013


FROM part 1
I feel so bad after I spoil the first page ..huhuhu
I should have water color the picture first before inking.
I think the ink didn't really works for this paper. I use this ink on other paper and have no problem 
when I water color on top of the ink.
sooo.. since the water color did smear the ink, end up I didn't bother to finish the whole piece.
Some of the important drawing (like the above picture) I feel a little bit guilty to left it blank, so I decided to color and try to ignore the black lines as much possible.
I guess the outcome seems okay, but still..
sigh..its okay..treat it as my lesson.


ms.bulat said...

So sorry to hear that the ink smeared :( definitely not fun! is this the Moleskine esp for watercolour?

Ku-ru / KynkiGoh said...

nop... sketch moleskin. the water colour ones very big so I end up din get it.

the water colour is ok I guess.but the ink is NOT ok. every lines smear jerrr..sadding.