Jan 5, 2013

DIY : Baby Shirt (1)

This is actually my first try drawing pictures on shirt.
This is for my friend's baby 1st b'day shirt!!! YAY..
and it does turn out to be better than i expected.

P.S : opps!! i missed the no.6!!!! hahahah you guys can just ignore than.. soweeee
I am not gonna write out how to do because i am using a light box to trace the pattern instead of DRAW on top of the shirt (i dont like messy work)i know not everyone has a light box but ill be happy to answer if you wanted to ask me some question :)
will post the second shirt soon!


placidian said...

Beautiful job with the baby tee, Kuru! When you branch out to make larger sizes, remember meeeeeeeeeee. :D

Ku-ru / KynkiGoh said...

haha thank you snow